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Peace Road 2017

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Peace Road 2017

On 16 July 2017, we held our Peace Road event by visiting two important places in Luxembourg.

To commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Berlin Rally, we visited the German Military Cemetery in Sandweiler, where many young victims of WWII, who did not live to see the division and subsequent reunification of Germany, are buried. Included amongst these is the father of Rita Seewald, the first president of the Women’s Federation in Germany, Peter Langenfeld, who died on 26 December 1944 when he was only 34 years old.

We are particularly grateful to the family of Erwin and Tomoko Franzen. Having worked for many years at the nearby American Military Cemetery, Erwin was able to provide us with much historical background information, while their daughter Nami, who is currently studying at Sun Moon University in Korea, took care of all of the photography. Their two Treasure of Heaven sons, Sunny and Naruki, were also present for the entirety of the event.

(For more information on and photos of the cemetery, see this website maintained by Erwin for his friend Nico Schroeder).

Afterwards, we headed for the “Parc des Trois Glands” (Three Acorns Park) on the Kirchberg plateau, which was recently discovered to have been the place where Reverend Sun Myung Moon made the Holy Ground on 9 August 1965. It was previously believed to have been in a different part of the city known as the Kuebebierg (Ravens’ hill). Having insufficient information to identify its exact location and, indeed, being unsure as to whether the original oak tree is still standing in this area which has since undergone much reconstruction, we unanimously selected one particular oak tree as the site to establish a new Holy Ground, as requested by our Special Emissaries, Dr No Hi Pak and Dr Lan Young Moon, during their previous visit to Luxembourg.

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