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Peace Road Tour 2016

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Peace Road Tour 2016

On Saturday, 3rd September, we visited various historical locations in Luxembourg as part of Peace Road 2016. We started at the National Museum of Military History in Diekirch, where we were joined by Mr André Rollinger, president of the Luxembourg United Nations Association. Afterwards, we headed west to the National liberation Memorial « Schumann’s Eck » at Nothum, Luxembourg, which commemorates the liberation of Luxembourg by primarily American army units at the end of WWII. To conclude, we crossed the border into Belgium to meet up with the Belgian members at the Mardasson Memorial in Bastogne, in the Luxembourg province of Belgium, which is a monument honouring the memory of American soldiers wounded or killed during WWII’s Battle of the Bulge, an important German counteroffensive toward the end of the war.

We were particularly happy that 2 handicapped Treasure of Heaven 2nd generation from Luxembourg could participate in the entire program and that, at the final location, we could join up with the Peace Road participants from Belgium in the Belgian province of Luxembourg, as our contribution to resolving the historical differences between the two nations. We thank the Belgian members for coming such a long distance to meet with us.

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